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Bali: On Movie

I spent four years in Jakarta. It was full of consumerism, visual stimulation, hedonistic attitude, selfish sleeping occasion and a whole lot of movies. A LOT. Jakarta is heaven for sinner and movie freaks. We can find illegal DVDs in almost every mall or street, plenty movie theaters with puffy seat and new release movies that sometime even beat Down Under and all the glittering festival each year (Festival Film Perancis, Jiffest, etc). A lot of things to be exited about.

I am one of those weird people in this universe who likes to keep list of movies I saw or books I read. To proved the A LOT part, I looked back on my list of year 2004, 2005 and 2006, golden era of unproductivity and the amount quite astonishing to me.
2004 : 158 movies
2005 : 164 movies
2006 : 162 movies

So if we do the math (Thank God for calculator!) by estimating that each movie is around 2 hours, I would have spent 316 hours (2004), 328 hours (2005) and 324 hours (2006) in front of the screen. I know what you would be thinking at this point: Get a life, movie freak! Or you just have this mental image of obese greasy hair person who always munching and never bathing. I would let your imagination run wild on that one.

I am sure there are a lot of movie freak like me out there although I haven’t met them yet. I guess it is partly true that life in the big screen is a lot more fascinating than our ordinary life. We have obligation, responsibility and bill to pay and so it thwart us from always looking like smoldering Marlene Dietrich each morning. In that screen, we could witness the extraordinary. Things that we would never be able to do in this life (I would never get into blood splashing fight with sword in yellow tracksuit, for example), things we could not afford (Aston Martin, daily shaken not stirred martini, five stars hotel and OMEGA watch) and things out of this world (E.T…). It is beautiful to dream. It is so good that I dream of my life as a movie (definitely not reality show!), perhaps one of Audrey Hepburn-y movie. Gotta love the outfit.

But this year a lot of things happened. I live my life, for instance. The movie freak character must hibernating for a while. There was the final project, travel and life re-adjustment. Now I am quite adjusted and the movie freak-in-me started to wake up but mockingly there is no movie. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is no decent movie in this Island of God. We have many temples and beautiful white sand beaches, but when it comes to decent movie that doesn’t involve pop-up vernacular evil spirit with long black hair or puppy love ridden teenage drama king and queen, Bali is suck.

My choice here would be:
a. buying or renting illegal DVDs with minimum choices. No latest French release or festival movies,which is exactly what I am after
b. re-watch everything I had
c. private screening (read: either for close community or flamboyant big screen movie night in Kudeta)
d. go to movie theater with ONLY two screens which distressingly devoted to show gory/horror/ teenage/Milla Jovovich/six months late kind of movies. Of course this is the last option.

May the Saint of All Screen help me here!

But to my supreme joy, I read an article in a forgotten magazine about the upcoming European Film Festival this November. Naturally it would be bigger in Jakarta but at least they would show some movies in Bali (or so the article said). So I would be looking forward to November for that special reason. Check this site for detail. So for any people who residing in Bali and read this, I hope to see you in Alliance France on November!

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