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There's Something About Dewi Persik & Anisa Bahar

Recently I am hooked with one of the most popular invention ever created by human being. TV cable. No, I am not turning into couch potato. Well, just potato perhaps considering a rapid development I found out with utter panic on tummy area. But I got what I deserved, spending so much time being a lazy snacking goddess.

Back to the TV. For my defense, I lived my uni year with almost no access to TV. Not that I have any regret. I did just fine with stack of illegal DVDs and books but I miss TV from time to time. The news (and certain silver-hair-blue-eyed news caster on CNN), my beloved Travel & Food Channel (Tuscany!Nepal!India!) and last but not least the gossip channel. I am a sucker for the latter. Not a day passed without me clicking “Daily 10” or “E! 101 Celebrity Slimdown”. Secretly, of course (when there are people around I always put on the most serious look I could pull on and watch BBC). I thank God for cable. And of course my Father, for paying.

But to my horror I found myself recently unblinking for half an hour in front of TV. The cause? Dewi Persik and his likely-soon-to-be-ex-hubbie, Syaiful Jamil. I still slap my poor sore cheek from time to time since I hardly believe I could watch the drama with full concentration (I have attention span of a cockroach). Everyone in the planet who have read US Weekly or checking on celeb goss knows that sometimes those celebs are just desperate for publication. They would do anything to get to the front page or at least, PerezHilton.com

Some of the techniques to raise his or her fame in celebdom typically employed:
*going out on a date (usually one of the couple is in the higher caste of celebdom) to the most happening venue in town. They usually caught lips-locking or holding hands in public while avoiding paparazzi. After ended up in E! Daily News, their representative would deny that their clients are dating. “They’re just friends” is the common answer
*they’re going into rehab after a stint of caught-drunk-while-driving. I am not quite sure it effective to their alcohol-damaged brain but it surely works for putting them on the spotlight. Better yet if they got into jail, like a recent blonde heiress *hint hint*. Wearing accessories from Alcoholic Anonymous also helped
*flashing public with certain body parts while getting out of cars
*wear an extremely beautiful dress or exceptionally horrendous dress on Red Carpet. Both would end up in Fashion Police
*held a public conference and admit that they’re gay
*make a bold and shocking statement (preferably something to do with sex, race, politic or did I mention sex?)
*etc (hey, if I know them all I would representating Paris Hilton by now)

But none of those celebs are willing to appear everyday for few weeks with tears on their eyes and ask forgiveness from their soon-to-be-ex-spouses (or in the case of Anisa Bahar, her once-not-her-daughter-but-now-that-she’s-famous-please-call-me-Mama-darling) on national broadcast. I honestly believe they would do better in sinetron than in dangdut, seeing how good they weep in front of camera. Seriously. Nicole Richie could learn something from them (instead of getting knocked-up with tatooed rock star, you poor thing). I was stupified in front of TV for that long not for nothing! Dewi Persik should consider an entirely new career after the divorce. If there is going to be one, that is.

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