I have been a professional writer for five years.

Gastronomy, lifestyle, travel, sustainability, culture, and history are some of the themes that I have worked with in the past. I love getting involves with individuals, companies, organizations, and communities with stories to tell.

Words, sentences, stories... these are my passion. I love to take new challenges in writing for various format and media. I create contents for websites, blogs, and communication materials.

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The Departed

It seems 2007 took the best (and worst) kind of people from us. There were Anita Roddick, Ingmar Bergman, Luciano Pavarotti, Sidney Sheldon together with those from different field and axis, Bo Yibo (the ex-Chinese Communist Party leader), Khun Sa ( The ex- King of Golden Triangle), Kurt Waldheim (ex-UN Secretary-General allegedly involved in war crimes) and many others.

Just when I think there should be enough death already, a Benazir Bhutto was murdered. Shocking but yet not unexpected. Just when there is a fair good chance of democratic wind for Pakistan, a massacre before election happened. Oh, the sadness, anxiety, trial and tribulation of 2007! Enough to make a human-being cower and curl below his bed. But not this sapimalas. I’ll be looking for 2008 as a year where I should decide a lot of things. I just hope it is going to be the right one.

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