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Visit Indonesia 2008: Blessing in Disgrace?

It was meant to promote Indonesia as a major destination in South East Asia. It was meant to boost the feebly dropping number of visitors to Indonesia and keep up the amazing race with tourism giants like Thailand (14 million visitors) or “Truly Asia” (18 millions). It was supposed to show Indonesia and not just Bali, to the center stage. Then, something happened to the $96,000 campaign.

A fatal grammatical error in the slogan (someone apparently forgot to put a definite article or possessive pronoun) which has appeared in billboards, government website and even plastered boldly on Garuda’s aircraft.. The firm agreed to change it at no extra cost (duh!). Someone would get a good hard spank and perhaps, fired.

Nevertheless, I find it a little bit odd. Is it perhaps part of the campaign strategy? I seriously doubt there are no person in the government or the design firm who didn’t realize the serious mistake. Maybe an Englishman is at the moment browsing internet and laughing (“Look at this poor country, darling. Blimey! Such a bloody mistake. Hey, we’ve never been to Indonesia, aren’t we?).

But then again, perhaps $96,000 should firstly be use to pay for the whole member of Tourism Board, a proper English lesson.

Below is the correct silent re-launch of Visit Indonesia 2008 logo.

Mazel Tov!

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