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Annual Triviality of Being New Person

Another party. Another year. Another massive hangover. It seems that this sapimalas, essentially, never become a new person. Not unlike thousands of party animals I encountered in 66 or dejavu yesterday (or to be exact, few hours ago, between dawn and sunrise), I betrayed my new year’s resolution each year.

On the last day of December, I habitually writes a resolution on my journal. To lose the unwanted few extra pounds. To stop social smoking. To cut the alcohol units into minimum. To find a worthy lover (who doesn’t cheat behind my back or living so far away that our relationship was almost virtual). To appreciate myself and treat my body as a secret temple and all that. To do something for society I live in. To stop biting my unpolished nails. To stop secretly bitching toward another female cow who wears legging even tough she was fifty and those poor souls who never read Vogue in her entire devastating fashion faux-pas years. You know, that kind of resolution.

And not unlike millions of other living soul, I seldom follow it. Resolution becomes a triviality, pretty much like the hunt of fictitious nuclear weapon in Iraq. It is something we hope we’ll be able to change about ourselves in the coming years. As it happens, we gloriously failing each year. Not just because of the lack of determination but sometimes it also failed because of the circumstances we are in besides the sheer insufficient of courage. For instance, it require a certain amount of courage to quit your current crappy job or even ask your crush on a date.

As a result, we still spend each New Year’s Eve attending the same party, with the same crowd, in the same club, drinking the same drink and blow the paper saxophone to another year passing by. Just like that.

As for this 2008, I only have one resolution:
To stop making resolution each New Year’s Eve.

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