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Eat: Bandung

I went to Bandung, a city in West Java, last week. Aside from being the most attacked short vacation place by the ever ravenous crowd of homo jakartensis, Bandung is one of my favorite city in Java. Good food, nice people (except when a loco local tourist from The Big J cut in line), cool T-shirt shop, easy to get around (except during weekend or holiday where all the cars on the street turns "B" instead of "D", the local car sign).

However, I had a nice lunch. A steamy three colored rice (white,brown and red rice), grilled fish, lalapan (raw veggies) and a to-die-for sambal (red chilli paste). To made it perfect, I ordered a hot sweet tea, a must for true Indonesian.
More or less, like eating a steak with a glass of good cabernet sauvignon. But in the middle of the on-going battle, I spotted something that made my stomach lurched. About 30 metres from me, there lies a staff housing with a quite bizarre facade.

I truly wish it was some sort of a sick joke by someone with too many toilets available. It's better than picturing a mental image of the function of it while I was tearing the grilled fish with sambal. For some people with weak stomach and even weaker hygenic, they will pay the bill and just leave. But for me, the greedy sapimalas who adores food, it was just something to amused myself with, while I sipped my hot sweet tea. I'll just fondly remember the place with 'that restaurant with toilet facade'.Tee-hee.

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