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A Night with Tiesto

It was splendid. The opening DJ, Redy, was doing a great job. It was already packed on midnight. The bules standing idly by with a Bintang beer in one hand and a young-tanned long-haired-local-bare-all lady in the other hand. Local kids stick together in groups, the ladies all prim and proper, clad in stilettos. I wonder who in the right mind decided to wear stiletto to trance party. Not me, definitely.

Better than last year, echoed the crowds. It was a sound system disaster last time, the other said. Around 1am, when the crowds has started to be drown in alcohol and the adrenaline was pumping crazily (of course after a quick AJ Hackett Bungee Jump near by), the DJ showed up. Track after track in his latest ‘Elements of Life’ album was performed to the overjoyed crowds plus few bonuses from his last album. It was a great night.

I went back home around 4 a.m in the morning. Tiesto was still pumpin’ the last track. All along the way leftovers from alcohol permeated bodies together with few transvestites hoping to be shadowed by darkness and alcohol fueled brain, filled the Double Six Road. It was another night of good party and great DJ performance in this paradise. Good job to the event organiser and 66!

When : April 22, 2008
What : Tiesto Elements of Life World Tour
Where : Double Six Club, Bali
Who : 3,000 adoring crowds

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