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Oh Indy

For two hours, I spent my precious Saturday night by being stuck to the average sized theater seat with a silent elbow battle to fight supremacy over the armchair rest with the stranger next to me. The opening score left me breathlessly happy. Ta-da-dah-dah, I hummed to the dismay of the elbow loser next to me. A kicked back to the good ol’ time when I was watching Indy with my dear Papi was just what I need.

However after two hours of speed racing in the jungle, in town and in library (!), crawling under spider’s web and between dead skull, and Double Indy actions (one with whip, the junior with comb), it started to feel flat. I don’t know what the problem was but the magic of Indiana Jones was lost for me. Perhaps because I am older or by now is so used to special effect, that nothing surprise me anymore. Not even the incredible collapse of El Dorado.

One thing I know for sure is:

Forget Hallmark and check this if you want to send someone special an e-card they would never forget. Or forgive, for that matter.

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Briconcella said...

I really like your blog. Found it through the Francophilia social network. Maybe I'll see you over there. The dedicace to your father is very touching.