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Bali’s Best Street Food #1

Since this is the first edition of my Michelin starred street food review in Bali, I would like to give a serious warning to whoever might tempted to try the food:

1.Prepare your tongue for a serious spicy-ness
2.Prepare your digestion for seriously vicious bacteria; infamously known as “Bali Belly”
3.Most foods reviewed here are NON-HALAL (read: contain pork, unknown indigenous bacteria, occasional human hair or various local insects)
4.Just in case you’re wondering: No, sadly I don’t get any compliment whatsoever this advertising reviw.

So, here we go…

What : Warung Ibu Sri
Where : Gajah Mada Street – Pupuan – Tabanan

If you happened to found yourself in Pupuan, which I believe to be the next Bedugul and not yet attacked by serious mass tourism in buses, you would most likely to find yourself strike by hunger. I blamed it for the weather: chilly, windy and always gloomy. What other options should you having other than strolling through the street food market, right?

It also most likely that the B & B or ‘losmen’ you’re staying doesn’t know the meaning of ‘edible food’ and so you should head down to the town. Around 3pm, you’d find the Gajah Mada Street full with vendors selling all kind of cheap foods which goes well with your pocket and not so well with your cholesterol. Anyhoo, “Warung Ibu Sri” (meaning “Chez Ibu Sri”) located in a small shop.

You can tell the giggling waitress to get you: “Satu porsi nasi campur” (read: One portion of mix rice) and in three minutes they’d bring out this:

Or, you can choose from the many assortments of meats and veggies, displayed in the glass vitrine.

I seriously order you not to miss the crunchy-deep-fried pork fat (also sold in small plastic portion). For the dessert, you can order a portion of traditional Balinese “cakes”, located beautifully in front of Warung Ibu Sri. That is if you can still walk out and talk. In my case, I was only able to moo.

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