Bookcrossing Crossed Me Today

Today is a historical day. Today I found my first bookcrossing book as a result from my accumulated good karma. As perhaps you might have found out from my previous blogs, I am a book fetish. Anything, everything which linked to the word “book” excites me. As per today, I was visiting my family in their hotel. As a restless reader, I found myself in the sad situation where I forgot my book (usually I always have a book in my bag). Almost automatically, I found myself standing in the hotel library and browsing through the huge cabinet full of cosmopolitan books.

Most covers was written in alphabet I couldn’t decipher like “и”. Options was getting limited, either the и book or Danielle Steel’s (not that I despise her work, just her current work). However destiny was smiling at me that minute for I found Olivia Goldsmith’s last book “Wish Upon a Star”. I was not a big fan but considering the option, well, I took it with me to the room.

Just after I sipped my ice lemon tea and lying on the wooden bench by the pool, I opened the first page and I yelped! The bratwurst bellied German couples beside me gave me a scary look but who cares?! I found my first bookcrossing book! WooHoo! For those who doesn’t understand my joy and have no idea what is bookcrossing, please click here.

I joined this marvelous community since 2006 with hardly any hope to find a book. But here I am now, still beaming and holding one in my hand. Why wouldn’t I be with ‘the karma of literature’ now in my possession?
Thank you jodieck, for leaving this book. You made my day :-)

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