I have been a professional writer for five years.

Gastronomy, lifestyle, travel, sustainability, culture, and history are some of the themes that I have worked with in the past. I love getting involves with individuals, companies, organizations, and communities with stories to tell.

Words, sentences, stories... these are my passion. I love to take new challenges in writing for various format and media. I create contents for websites, blogs, and communication materials.

Reach me at eve(dot)tedja(at)gmail(dot)com

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

Picture this: green tiered rice fields. Intellectually stimulating literary conversation. You, sipping margarita while brushing shoulders with world reknown writers. Evening book launch under the stars and poetry reading with free-flow cocktails. Sounds like a book worm idea of heaven, isn’t it?
You don’t have to actually breathe your last breath to experience all of that. Just help yourself and come to this year Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, which will take place from 14-19 October. Find yourself queuing for book sign by authors like Vikram Seth, John Berendt, Indra Sinha, Camilla Gibb and many others. And of course, you’ll meet this sapimalas over there. Book your flight and come to meet them (and me) in ‘one of the six best literary festivals in the world’ according to Harper’s Bazaar.

I can tell you for sure there will be a lot more going on than just literature. At least, if it is based from my previous experience.

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