I have been a professional writer for five years.

Gastronomy, lifestyle, travel, sustainability, culture, and history are some of the themes that I have worked with in the past. I love getting involves with individuals, companies, organizations, and communities with stories to tell.

Words, sentences, stories... these are my passion. I love to take new challenges in writing for various format and media. I create contents for websites, blogs, and communication materials.

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Wish Upon A Star

Choose that if you will, but all novels are, in a sense, fairy tales. They are pulled from the air and create the magical illusion that are characters you read about are real, are living and the lives that are described have happened. The novelist imagines and conjures but, when the narration ends, has no more idea of what happens to the characters than you, the readers, does. Fiction is so often preferable to life because, sadly, only in fiction can you write the magical incantation at the end: ‘And the lived happily ever after.’

Taken from the last paragraph of Olivia Goldsmith’s last book before she passed away. Don’t you just miss Olivia Goldsmith? I can’t recall when was the last time I read such a good “chick-lit” novel. Her writing has existed even before the term was used to describe women fiction. I do love her strong heroine in “Wish Upon A Star” and it was really pleasant to read a book about self-actualization when the heroine doesn’t need a man to made her realize it.

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