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Greed Over Geger

A month ago I watched a cute robot saving human race from morbid obesities and redundancy. Three days ago I spent my night watching a movie about how infertility affecting human race in near-future. Yesterday night I spent watching zombies taken over Great Britain. Those entire movies really do make me wondering. Imagine all the movies about future that you have seen and think about what they all have in common.

Yes, they are all bleak prediction of our future. I suspected HBO plotted a special program called “Extinction of the Human Race”. The imagination of wild Hollywood writers has gives us glimpses of our civilization. Either that we are enslaved by apes, technology or alien; or that we might live inside a satellite in a galaxy far, far away; or else replaced by bionics that looked like Jude Law (you won’t hear me complaining).

In the end, those movies do give us hope. A savior, a plant or an antivirus. Nevertheless, human kind must always suffer first. They killed each other, they hide, they runaway, they do anything to avoid being perished. It brings me to the very point of this entry. Reading The Bali Post this week, I realize that we are actually living the future. This is future. Every action, every wicked crime that has been done is based only for one motive: greed. That is the very thing of which history always begin or end.

Please give me one good reason, other than greed, which motivates Badung’s Board of Regency decided to sell 600,000 metre cubics of sand from Geger Beach? The one beautiful beach in Badung which hasn’t been ruined by industry and commercialism. With the sands, our “honored member of the boards” will also rob hundreds of local seaweed farmers from their source of living; destroy the sea ecosystem and create atrocious erosion. As if global warming signs are not clear enough. Feel free to share your thought on how to save Geger Beach.

Greed, in the end, destroys us all.

3 komentar:

No Name said...

perhaps when we start to feel that Bali is hotter than its usual temperature, floods are everywhere, scarce food supply, drought, no more jobs availability, no more food to eat, that's when we realize that there must be something wrong about what we're doing, after all this time. perhaps. :)

Anonymous said...

Udah capek nih dengernya. Ada aja yang dijual-belikan mentang-mentang punya duit. Dari tempat2 yang dianggap suci, tanah penduduk, dll. Kalau terjadi apa-apa sama bali mereka kabur aja pake duit. Apa yang salah dari tradisi kita? Kalau dosen kewirausahaan saya bilang korupsi tuh memang budaya kita. Misalnya kalau kita sukses pasti dibilang ga setia kawan atau setia keluarga kalau tidak membantu ngasi jalan buat yang lain.

Mesti gimana donk Eve? Mending makan jagung aja di renon yuk, sayangnya saya di jakarta. Makin ga nyambung kan

Unknown said...

only when the last tree is cut;
only when the last river is polluted;
only when the last fish is caught;
only then they will realize
that you cannot eat money

(indian proverb)