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In Conversation with Vikram Seth

October 16, 2008. Neka Museum – Ubud.

This must be it. The most anticipated event in this year Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. The committee did an excellent job of choosing a bigger venue this time (I still remember the sweat in last year Kiran Desai’s session). The hall in Neka Museum was crowded half an hour before the session started. After successfully squishing my not-so-petit-frame into a chair together with recently bought books to be signed), the Vikram Seth stepped into the stage. Along with him was the moderator, Edwina Blush. She hilariously mimicked a smitten school girl who is about to meet her Teen Idol and huskily said, “I think you all know what it means.”

From then on, Vikram Seth told the audience about his childhood and how he was teasingly called ‘gregarious hermit’ by his school friends. Book was a retreat for this adorable self-deprecating author. A bottle of wine accompanied the conversation and at one point, after a constant wine refilling, an elderly audience next to me said to her friend “She really should stop drinking.” Vikram Seth also shared to the audience about his educational background, his interest to Chinese poetry and how Pushkin’s Onegin influenced his style of writing (hence, The Golden Gate).

The most memorable pieces from this session were the reading. He reads from his children book, Beastly Tales, a poem about The Hare and The Tortoise. Truly a session to remember.

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