I have been a professional writer for five years.

Gastronomy, lifestyle, travel, sustainability, culture, and history are some of the themes that I have worked with in the past. I love getting involves with individuals, companies, organizations, and communities with stories to tell.

Words, sentences, stories... these are my passion. I love to take new challenges in writing for various format and media. I create contents for websites, blogs, and communication materials.

Reach me at eve(dot)tedja(at)gmail(dot)com

All About Eve

Since Retno has kindly tagging me in her blog, I have no other option than continue and so I kindly ask Nara, Li and Stephanie to continue this chain or for anyone, really.

  1. I always have a book in my bag (unless my bag is a clutch). I don’t fancy staring into space and nothingness so I read everywhere, very much so until a friend joked that I should get a master for reading.
  2. I’m a devoted dog person.
  3. I believe in God but not religion because it is already fabricated by far too many people with their own agenda.
  4. One movie I absolutely know words-by-words is Finding Nemo.
  5. Literary character I feel I have special bond with and whom I think resemble me in many ways is Josephine March.
  6. I read three copies of different Sunday newspaper during my late breakfast every week.
  7. Each morning, I must get a cup of coffee before I can function properly.
  8. I tend to gravitate toward generous, self-deprecatingly funny and open-minded people.
  9. I learned about geography from my stamp collection.
  10. My major splurge are (and will always be) books and glossy magazines.

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2 komentar:

No Name said...

wow Eve, you've finally done your homework. congrats! :)
never knew you love Finding Nemo that much. I love that movie too, especially because Nemo has the same pronunciation as my nickname, Neno. hehe :D

Anonymous said...

Eve, saya ga ngerti maksudnya nge tag itu gimana?