Indonesia: Failure to Launch?

I skipped off work today. It feels wonderful and remind me of a similar joy when I skipped a Chemistry class because of a “monthly woman sickness” and in weak voice told the teacher that I am in “extreme pain”. Needless to say, “the recovery” was happily spent in a café close to the school, drinking soda and hang out with friends. Ah, the joy! Now, I spent it with a leisurely breakfast and newspaper.

So while slurping my daily dose of long black, a headline in today Bali Post got me interested. United States’s NIC Report: 2025, Indonesia Would Become A Strong Country. No kidding. 2025. Seventeen years from now. Which mean if I have a daughter this year, she will be a teenager celebrating sweet 17, when finally I can tell her that finally we are truly a strong and developed country. The very thing Chinese parents now are saying to their sons and daughters.

Another thing which left me wondering about the article is “…Indonesia might have more roles, economically and politically in the international world by 2025, while the country would be more Moslemized and nationalized.” Moslemized? Whoa. Really? Then what about “the rest”? What would have become of them? That one part really got me thinking. Indonesia was born from one philosophy by its founding fathers: Bhineka Tunggal Ika (Diversity as one). Will it change in 2025?

This article also remind me of TIME Magazine’s article in September. The title was: What's Holding Indonesia Back? In the ideal world, Indonesia should be mentioned alongside China and India as the fastest developing country. China only started to be open on the 80’s and India gained its Independence only on 1947. Indonesia started ahead and yet, it seems that the tortoises beat the rabbit. The article mentioned few factors which kept Indonesia from leading the race: corruption, conflicting interest between local and provincial representative in Jakarta and unpredictable legal system (the very same legal system who created Dark Ages Porn Bill.

Why it has to be 2025? Why not sooner? Do we really need seventeen years to be a strong country? Does seventeen years is the time needed to stop the legacy of chronic “corruption, competing interest and confusing regulations”? Does seventeen years is the time needed to have true and brave leaders who truly representing their people instead of representing their own interest? Does seventeen years is the time needed for Indonesian to be wise enough to understand that religion and politic should never mixed and used against each other?

If that’s the case, we better start now. Because by the time my future son or daughter reach seventeen, I want his or her to be proud enough to say loudly and clearly: I am Indonesian (and not just to Iranian taxi driver in Paris, but also to the hotel receptionist at the five-stars hotel he or she gonna be staying).

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