Lamentation for A Balinese Dog

I am just a dog.
Beaten, kicked and starving dog.
I mean you no harm,
just trying to live
between busy street
avoiding myself from getting hit.
Do I also need to be killed?

3 komentar:

Penikmat Hidup said...

You make me scare...
all urs in ain't in bahasa....
btw, please do not kill 'em just based on negative stigma. we need to prove it first.

Active English Bali said...

stranded dogs.. another phenomenon in Bali. seems that the owners are too busy to do something else.. :s

SapiMalas said...

To: Pelajar Mesum yang Suka Curhat Bodoh
hahaha thanks dir! itu masalah persepsi aja kok. Kalau dari persepsi native english speaker kayanya inggris-ku lumayan ancur tapi kalau dari persepsi kita yah ngga ketauan hihihihi. Kapan pulang? Reuni yuk...ada santos, ada corro, dll

To: nenoneno
Yeah...more like the owners ignore the poor dogs existance completely. Thank God there are some organization like B.A.W.A or Yudhistira


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