World's Worst Tourists

Not the Russian. Nyet. I also thought it would be the Russian. Apparently, the world's worst tourists are our Gallic friends, tze French. Yes, they might control the fashion world, has a gorgeous First Lady, invented croissant, claimed to produce the best wine in tze whole world and played host to the most prestigious cycling event. But ohlala, when it comes to being a tourist and visiting other countries, their manner is uncharmingly French.

Don't get me wrong here. I love France, the French in general and their culture. In fact, I might say I'm a bit of a Francophile. During my travel, I met superbly generous and warm-hearted French who welcomed me to their country even tough they speak no English, I speak no French and our communication was basically Stone Age. An old man in Paris led me to the nearest Metro station when I got lost and said sincerely 'bonne chance!' (little did I know then, that when a Frenchman told you 'good luck' it means that you're in real need for luck).

I met a fine gentleman from Bordeaux who informed me on how the French made foie gras (those poor French ducks!) and where to find the most authentic French cuisine. I also met two fine specimen of what French guys are famously known world wide. Mais oui, those penetrating deep dark eyes, one day unshaven beard, knee weakening accent and all that. Unfortunately, their manner was invicible. They kept speaking in their native French tongue, ignored me and my friend completely, responded icely when one of my friend was brave enough to said the one and only words he knew in French: voulez-vouz coucher avec moi (ce soir)? It's a bit kitschy, I know, but what's the harm in smiling?

They also accused to spend less than nationalities when abroad. Well, I find spending lots of money shopping while you traveling is a waste either. You can use it to travel more better than buying those kitschy snow globe or giant size pencil that you'll never use anyway. Maybe Indonesian tourists could learn that from the French. To be fair, French tourists are not all bad. They are also happened to be the best dressed tourists on holiday, after the Italians and British. That I absolutely agree. Living in Bali, my eyes are pretty much trained to tell which tourist is from which country. We loved playing that game on the beach.

Australians: you can pretty much tell from their red face (Bintangs effect), Billabong shorts or Roxy T-shirts and their cheerful, friendly nature.

Japanese: you can find in most shopping arcade, well (over) dressed, always with big hats or umbrella (a trait they share with other Asian tourist whose biggest phobia are having dark skin). When you take a picture of them, there are 90% chance they'll pose with that Winston Churcill gesture of victory.

Chinese/Taiwanese/Korean: usually comes in big bus, having their meals in Chinese restaurant which has Lazy Susan all over the tables, not as well dressed as their Japanese counterparts and loud.

Italians: good looking people. Well dressed (less is more is their spirit). Tanned (I've never seen a pasty, white faced Italian before). Mostly wear good shoes and always wear at least a piece of bling bling (regardless of their sex)

Germans: well, what can I say about this one? German tourists are much ridiculed everywhere on their-too-casual-tend-to-ignorant choice of fashion, their Birkenstock (although I must admit it is very comfortable) and their beer belly. They're nice people tough. You can always depend on them for being on time, never break the laws, good partner for hiking (they have diesel stamina).

Russians: scandalous. Rich. Spending like there's no tomorrow. Always bring a blank-faced -killer body- trophy wife/mistress/girlfriend/harem/slave/prostitute whenever they travel. The men always looks like they've been recently released from a prison by the gulag.

And to be fair, Indonesian: travel in a bunch. Most of the time can be found in major shopping street all over the world (tell an Indonesian tourist that there's no shop in your small town, they'll be able to find one eventually). Always posing in front of famous landmarks or everywhere they think will looks good in their facebook page, even if they block the traffic. We don't care.

So there you go. Please don't take it harshly. It doesn't mean to ridicule people or their nationalities. It's only to prove that cliche does exist.

2 komentar:

Arema said...

lol so true about the indonesians (at least those observations apply to me ^^). i don't get many a chance to observe tourists but after working for sometimes with the germans i can say that in the office they dress gracefully (:

SapiMalas said...

That's why I only observe Germans when they travel. Not much to tell if they're working, richtig?


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