Confessions of A Bookaholic

1. I confess I have plenty of unopened books scattered all over the house and yet I still appallingly buying or borrowing new books whenever situation permit me to do so.

2. I confess I shamefully prefer not to lend my precious book to a stranger or a ‘friend’ (because in most of the case, it happens that a friend of a friend borrows it and it will eventually ended up in wilderness). It feels like that I have missed a limb.

3. I confess I once stole a book from hotel library. Guilty as charged.

4. I confess that there are some low moments in my life when I prefer to spend time with a book and a cup of strong Toraja coffee, getting swept of my boring mundane life to the other world, than going out with real people.

5. I confess I still read on bed in the worst yet most comfortable position ever known in history and certified by optometrist to be sure giving you bad eyesight (I’m minus 4 and counting, for this very reason). Oh well.

6. I confess that if there is such a thing as ‘bibliorgasm’ I surely have had hundreds of them whenever I got a new book to read ;-)

7. I confess to wishing fervently that one day I will fall in love with someone by the books, or library he owns.

8. I confess if it happened that my check-out time from Hotel World has come, my heaven will be some sort of a spectacular library.

9. I confess I’m not the neatest reader. My books are creased, spilled, tattered and occasionally ripped…a healthy sign that it’s been savored passionately.

10. I confess the concept of retirement is very tempting. I can’t wait to read as much as I can when that time arrives (optimistically thinking my eyesight then will be as good).

11. I confess the reason I select my handbag is if it’s big enough to carry a book.

12. I confess that my friends find me insufferable if they found themselves trapped with me in a bookshop. It will be most likely that I spent few hours in there, lost between shelves (and later on, will belatedly realize I came with a friend).

13. I confess I visit online book store when I’m supposed to finish works.

14. I confess whenever I travel; local book shop is always in my top priority even tough in some countries I couldn’t even read the alphabets.

15. I have confessed. Now is your turn.

4 komentar:

Asrif said...

No confession but that picture up there is very, very suiting and -- why not -- soothing as well. :-)

SapiMalas said...

Hi Asrif!
Thanks for leaving comment. It is very suiting indeed ;-)

anggun said...

hai, blogwalking. salam kenal :)
I confess on everything on that list except for number 3 and 7 xD

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