Green Travel is...

...not just what happens at the destination, or indeed how you get there. It does not demand that you eschew air travel altogether or hotels or comfort, or that your holiday is within 10 miles of your home. Rather, it asks you to pack your brain as well as your swimsuit, and to assess and then act on the impact of your visit. At its best, it's kind to both place and people, and rewards the host as much as the tourist. It is mostly small-scale, unique and personal. It certainly appeals to the intellectually curious, the ecologically and socially responsible, and to the politically aware. It seeks to add to the sum of knowledge and improve, or at least not harm, the natural world.
I just love how John Vidal from The Guardian put it. I can't make the green claim that my travel has been eco-friendly. My recent travel to China, for instance, was all about flying. With only 11 days, I didn't see how I could travel the vast distances of China, in any other way than flying. However, I tried to be as local as possible. I took the public transport, ate at the local restaurants and tried to shop at the locally owned establishment. I hope it is enough to compensate all the flights I took to get there.

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