Ariel Peterporn & the Lost Girls

Seldom have I realized that our beloved nation, Indonesia, is in fact a big country. A big, populated country of 30 millions internet users, of most are probably tweeps. For nine hours yesterday, #Ariel Peterporn was a trending topics and everybody from the rest of the world (including USA porn actress, Vicky Vette) were asking frustratingly: who the hell is Ariel Peterporn?

Ariel is the cool leading singer of Indonesia’s pop band, Peterpan (get the pun?). His Casanova status was established when he impregnated an ex, married her (we are the largest Moslem populated country in the world after all) and in due course, divorced her. His flings with many other top notch celebrities in Indowood, was infamous throughout the country. His hottest flame, however, is the long time lover, Luna Maya. She, being the famous model/ actress/ host with one of the fattest paycheck in Indonesia, was so popular that her face appears everywhere from giant billboard to truck bumper graffiti.

Their cat-and-mouse high profile relationship has been media’s favorite. They’re the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt of Indonesia, in the matter of media speculation and gossip buzz. No wonder when their “catch me if you can” ad for Lux soap was released, it was a huge success. It has all the right formula and you just cannot help but say “aww” when you see it.

Right when their stardom couldn’t have shined any brighter, a sex video was released upon the hungry masses by Anonymous. The two minutes low resolution video showed the Ariel and Luna look-a-like in many flagrante delicto positions. No official statement has been released and the unfortunate couples now are hiding from public scrutiny and possible scenario of stoned to death by Moslem law (I’m not kidding here, this is what will happen if they live in Aceh). I will not publish the link to the explosive sex videotape here, like what many blogs already did. I believe I’m not the only one who says “Yes, I’ve seen it. Yes, it was hot. But no, I won’t keep it in my hard disc or see it again just for fun”.

Like it wasn’t enough, the probably same sick pervert who published it, also published another sex video in youtube, this time it looks like Ariel with another hot actress, Cut Tari. I couldn’t tell you just how many puns was made of her considering she’s hosting a gossip news show called “Insert”. The smoking hot actress and KFC representative is unfortunately married and allegedly can be seen in the video wearing a wedding ring.

Apart from the fact that it could be those three celebrities or could be not, their names are now forever smeared in dualistic public eyes. Paris Hilton may get away with it and even made even more famous by her sex video. However living in this country where moral righteousness is an expected virtue from a public figure, it will be hard for them to just get on with their life. Remember that charming soap ad? You can’t find it anymore on TV now days.

To put it into the nicest possible term, everybody fuck in this country. How could we not, being the 4th most populous nation on earth? The problem is if you get caught doing it, which precisely what happened to these three sexual personage. The question now is: can they recover their career? Gossip, like leggings or mullet hair style, comes and goes but sex video last forever. Ask Edison Chen if you don’t believe me. The moral of the story is this: always make sure to cleanly delete your hard disc after video making, especially if it’s a dirty one and you’re famous.

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