My Life Post BlackBerry

First thing I do after cursing the morning (yeah yeah yeah I know you should have a better attitude and embrace the day whatever) is to reach out for the black small communication gadget on my bedside table. A quick look at the work e-mails with one eye and grunts. A more thorough look at the twitter whose tweeting are all about ‘good morning’ (is it only me who hates morning?). And last but not least, listening to the ‘ping ping’of incoming messenger alerts. Does it get tiring after a while? You tell me. I was hoping it would be but I’m three weeks gone and all those pings, tweets and e-mail are my reason to wake up in the morning. Let’s face it and say it out loud: I’ve become a BlackBerry zombie.

I have had two years fasting on this most popular device made in Canada (other than maple syrup). I kept telling myself I don’t need it. It ruins conversation between friends. I can’t tell you how annoyed I was when I went out with my friends and they chose to tweet instead of listening to my love life complaints. Not that I blame them in that case. You get my point, internet helps social interaction but also can ruins it.

Why I finally gave up to the lure of BlackBerry is something that I still pondering about. There is that obvious mobile working factor and for sure, also the social media factor. How easy it is to tag yourself with your cool hipster friends on the coolest rave summer party. How unconditionally your BlackBerry connects you to Twitter and let you tweet whatever crosses your mind, from your lunch (egg sandwich) to criticizing the bizarre government decision. I tweet; therefore I am as the Times wrote.

However the single most important reason is to get closer to my friends and loved ones. Now I can just message them anywhere, anytime, wherever they are, 24/7, 365 days a year. I can send voice notes (I didn’t know BlackBerry could do that!) to my dearest cousin who is studying in States. Just when I think this device is all good and really makes communicating with my nearest and dearest easier, I received a complaint from, well my most dearest and nearest, a.k.a my Mum. She has been complaining ‘that thing-y is no good, you become so self-absorbed and ignorant to your surrounding (read: her)’, which is all shamefully true.

For a typewriter-quill writing-sort of person that I used to be, this BlackBerry really does throw me back to an uncharted territory of becoming self-absorbed. Apart from reading, this is the one activity I spent most of my free times. Tell me it’s unhealthy, I know. For the time being, I’m still a zombie (at least until my trackball get broken) but a well-manered one. I promise myself no matter how many pings or 10 messages in my inbox, I will put the BlackBerry aside and sipping my coffee while listening to my friend’s woes. But of course if she does the same.

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