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Hoi An Love Affair

My 7 days trip to Vietnam was unevenly split. One night in Saigon, one night in Hue and four nights in Hoi An. I’m glad I made that decision. Four nights allows me to really going around the UNESCO Heritage List old town, riding a bike everywhere and admiring the beautifully restored shop houses. After five hours jolty drive from Danang with bus, Hoi An was really what we need. The sun just set and the paper lanterns were lit up all over the town. Tourists were out for dinner and I felt immediately at home.

French travelers were everywhere along with backpackers, all drawn to the serenity and relaxing vibe Hoi An offers. It’s not difficult to imagine what the town was like 200 years ago. There was no trance thumping bars, happy ending massage parlour, Seven Eleven or all those tourist trap that could be found in major South East Asian cities. My four days there was like a whirl wind of romance. I have fallen in love with her on the first night. I could write a lenghty essay on her gracefulness and charm but pictures might be the best way to tell her story, ‘the town for walkers and primitive vehicle users’.

Ten Things to do in Hoi An:

1. Rent a bicycle and get lost.

2 . Go to the An Bang beach and chill with the locals.

3. Fine affordable dining. Try Cargo.

4. Find the Satay Lady under the Gazebo. Roll your own satay spring roll.

5. Make a dress or a suit.

6. Shop in the market. Bring home the best fish sauce in the world.

7. Learn to cook. Try Morning Glory.

8. Do me a favor and stay in Haan Hotel

9. Eat seafood by the river when the sun goes down.

10. Make a lantern. Lifestart Foundation Tour & Craft Lessons.

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