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How to be the Perfect Bridesmaid

I’ve always thought 27 Dresses, Katherine Heigl’s romantic comedy as impossible - until I realized that I am on my way to owning 27 dresses myself. 

picture by Carol Kuntjoro
I found the dresses in the corner of my cabinet. Their colors are staggering and stand out because they are not the normal colors that I usually wear. There is the demure pale green dress for a holy matrimony in a church, a complete set of green and red shalwar kameez for an Indian wedding, the sparkly full bodied gold sequin dress that made me feel like Beyonce, and a couple of Balinese bridesmaid squad kebaya. Each and every one of them is precious to me, as precious as the brides who asked me to become their bridesmaids. For they are my beloved, and I’d do anything for them, even if it means that I have to put on a Spanx the whole day or woke up at 4am and have my eyes poked by a so-called make-up artist.

Being a bridesmaid is an honor that I don’t take lightly. It means that the bride wants me to be an inseparable part of her milestone, on one of the most beautiful day in her life. I will have that memory with her, for the rest of our friendship. Having said that, I made the crappiest bridesmaid ever. Once on a recent wedding, I cried a lot more than the bride and her mom combined. I cried happily, but so hard, until one of my fake eyelashes fell off. I also couldn’t do any of those womanly things like tying ribbons in a perfectly symmetrical loops or expertly re-touching the other bridesmaid’s make-up. I barely able to walk with heels and I found it hard to say no to canapés. God knows why they chose me to be their bridesmaid. 

But those dresses are there, all nine of them. And next year, there will be two more. One of my best friend is FINALLY getting married, as well as my cousin to her Turkish delight. I am utterly happy for both of them for I know there is hardly any woman more deserving of happiness than these special two. 

I can now say confidently that I am a professional bridesmaid. I am lucky to have five brides who were so serene, level-headed and calm; there was never any need to take care of a fire breathing Bridezilla.

Let me impart some wisdom to you, bridesmaid-to-be. 

1.     It’s never about you. It’s all about your best friend, The Bride. You might dislike the color that she picked for your dress but it’s her day and that’s her color.
2.     Take care of your own make-up and dress. Hire a team of expert make-up artist and coordinate with your fellow bridesmaids. Never try to upstage the bride, make sure nobody is using too much make-up.
3.     Always bring tissue. And eyelash adhesive, cotton buds, fan, and band-aid. You’ll thank me later.
4.     Be the best version of yourself. Unleash the cynicism and pity party later. Do not bitch and excuse your bad behavior because you’re having a PMS. For now, just smile, smile, smile!
5.     Help her dealing with The Nosy Aunty. Every family usually have one, the troublemaker who is making a lot of fuzz about everything, from the choice of cake to what is improper to wear in a traditional wedding.
6.     Make sure The Bride is eating and drinking. She will be euphoric and busy chatting up the guests. Swooning is not an option.
7.    Wear sensible shoes. Again, it’s not about you or your fancy heels. Nobody wants a crippled, zombie walking bridesmaid.
8.     Smile, you’re on camera. Those sneaky photographers are everywhere. Do not let them have a picture of you picking up your nose.
9.    Throw a mean hen’s night. Give The Bride a proper farewell to her singlehood and make sure to ask her first about what she wants before preparing the day.
10.  Lastly, have courage and be kind. Yes, yes, I’m quoting Cinderella. But really, when you’re still single and so far, far away from happily ever after (let alone having a date that doesn’t involve a “let’s netflix and chill” scenario), it is easy to be mean. Keep yourself in check and have faith that someday you’ll be the one who wears the veil. 

Do you know what my favorite part of 27 Dresses is? Apart from the adorably sarcastic journalist, I love that last scene when Katherine Heigl finally got married with James Marsden and they held the wedding somewhere on a beach. There was an impossibly long wooden deck, and on top of it were all of the 27 ex-brides on each of their bridesmaid dress, showing up to support The Bride. If that’s not the mark of a true friendship, I don’t know what is.

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